Seal Pup Rescue Update

Little seal update. Our pup is a girl and has been called Madame Pomfrey ( Harry Potter theme this year) and is doing very well and eating her fish at East Winch RSPCA wildlife hospital. Apparently seals can deteriorate v quickly, but it’s looking good so far.

Seal Pup Rescued

Happisburgh Coast Watch was involved in the rescue of a seal pup today Friday 10 April 2015.

Initially reported by member of the public to Mike Stevens, we kept an eye on this little pup, notifying the RSPCA that we may need assistance.

Roy Speed and Louise assessed the pup again at 2pm and felt that the pup was indeed quite unwell and had been injured by another seal or dog.

The RSPCA were with us within 2 hours and Roy helped them load the little chap into its crate for its journey to the Sealife centre for some TLC. RSPCA were excellent.