Seal Pup Rescue Update

Little seal update. Our pup is a girl and has been called Madame Pomfrey ( Harry Potter theme this year) and is doing very well and eating her fish at East Winch RSPCA wildlife hospital. Apparently seals can deteriorate v quickly, but it’s looking good so far.

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  1. is there any chance we could visit the seal resucue as we are down here on Holliday, and thought it would be nice to see what your work entails.
    We are only here until Friday. So I hope you can get back to me before then
    Thank you so much

    • Hi Lorna,

      Many thanks for your message. The RSPCA were responsible for the care of the seal, once we had reported it to them. They took it to their wild animal hospital here in Norfolk. I am unsure if they receive visitors, but I am sure if you contact them, they may be able to tell you more

      Alternatively, you could visit the Sealife centre at Hunstanton @

      They are opening a seal centre, but I am not sure when it opens. You could perhaps give them a call too and see if they are open to the public

      These phone numbers may help Seal centre direct 01692 650338 and RSPCA is 0300 123 0709.

      I am sorry that we are unable to help further and we hope you enjoy your holiday in Norfolk.

      Happisburgh Coast Watch

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