Seal and Shore Watch

Today, Tuesday 20th February 2018, we had a call from Stuart Lecher who was on Happisburgh beach, Cart Gap, on the North Norfolk Coast.

Stuart had spotted a pup with an awful eye injury. I knew the RSPCA were in the area so I called it through to them and yes, they were able to attend very quickly.

As you can see, it is quite a fat pup and both Kenny from Happisburgh Coast Watch and Stuart were on hand to help carry him off the beach. The RSPCA inspector really did appreciate the help!

Photographs are very difficult to judge a poorly pup by and these are all taken today of the same pup! The photograph of the pup safely inside the stretcher, to carry him off the beach, shows the true injury to his eye. In the other photos, the pup is clearly unwell but the extent of the injury is not apparent although Stuart did describe exactly how it looked. I can’t thank him enough for taking the time to call this little fella in to us today.

Seal Pup