About Us

Happisburgh Coast Watch is a voluntarily manned lookout station that opens everyday through the year. Positioned above the beach at Cart Gap, between Happisburgh and Sea Palling, and commanding an excellent view of a wide stretch of the notorious Norfolk coastline, we are able to keep a watchful eye on those who use the adjacent waters, coastline and cliffs.

Holding Declared Facility Status, we work closely with HM Coastguard ensuring that we can summon a rapid response from the appropriate emergency service to any problem that may arise.

We are on watch from 1000hrs to 1600 hrs (10.00 am to 4.00 pm)

Registered Charity No. 1075051

Chairman: Fred Rendell


Station Telephone:  07500 628299


The Happisburgh Coast Watch committee consists of –

Fred Rendell              trainingofficer@coastwatchhappisburgh.co.uk

Jaqui Middleton        secretary@coastwatchhappisburgh.co.uk

Mark Howson            Marktreasurer@coastwatchhappisburgh.co.uk

Val Howson               valfundraiser@coastwatchhappisburgh.co.uk


 If you have any enquiries regarding this website please contact –

Mike Birmingham              webmaster@coastwatchhappisburgh.co.uk