Summer Thank You Celebration

On behalf of The Trustee’s we would like to thank you for your continued support, which comes in many ways :

From our volunteers time.

To the grant funders which include E.ON Energy, Norfolk Community Foundation Victory Housing Grant and Wroxham & Hoveton Lions Club.

Financial donations from the sale of Norfolk Calendars, donations from Chris & Claire at Smallsticks Café and Happisburgh Parish Council.

The Collection Tin holders in various shops & cafes, and Charity collections at Roys of Wroxham & Tesco Stalham.

We have also received donations in kind from Carl Bird Ltd & CB Gardening & Landscaping.

Your continued support allows us to continue this much needed service, so Thank You to you all.



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Vessel in difficulty at Cart Gap 23/08/18

At 9.15am today our volunteer was observing 3 vessels in the water.

By 10.30am one of the vessels was in difficulty with a snapped mast.

Humber Coastguard was talking to the people trying to fetch the vessel back to safety, it was decided to call Happisburgh RNLI Lifeboat Station to assist with rescue.

A deep wade was done and helped pull the vessel in. Everyone was safe and no debris was left on the beach.

Thanks to
HM Coastguard Bacton
RNLI Harwich Lifeboat Station
Humber Coast Guard
And the volunteers at Happisburgh Coast Watch


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Access Ramp

The new access ramp to the look out cabin is now finished and looking very smart.

Our thanks go to

Norfolk Community Foundation, Victory Housing Grant Fund and Wroxham & Hoveton Lions Club who’s grants have enabled this project to happen


Also thanks to Carl Bird Ltd for a donation of aggregates and our builder Chris of CB Garden Maintenance & Landscaping.

Summer opening hours

From Sunday 1st April, we go to Summer opening hours, so if you are in the area, pop in and say hello to our volunteers, they will be happy to show you what we do and have a look through our fantastic binoculars.

Seal and Shore Watch

Today, Tuesday 20th February 2018, we had a call from Stuart Lecher who was on Happisburgh beach, Cart Gap, on the North Norfolk Coast.

Stuart had spotted a pup with an awful eye injury. I knew the RSPCA were in the area so I called it through to them and yes, they were able to attend very quickly.

As you can see, it is quite a fat pup and both Kenny from Happisburgh Coast Watch and Stuart were on hand to help carry him off the beach. The RSPCA inspector really did appreciate the help!

Photographs are very difficult to judge a poorly pup by and these are all taken today of the same pup! The photograph of the pup safely inside the stretcher, to carry him off the beach, shows the true injury to his eye. In the other photos, the pup is clearly unwell but the extent of the injury is not apparent although Stuart did describe exactly how it looked. I can’t thank him enough for taking the time to call this little fella in to us today.

Seal Pup

Such a sad ending to a very difficult day!

Late this morning we had a call from Happisburgh Coast Watch on the North Norfolk Coast. They were observing an adult male seal on the beach who they thought to be very poorly and they unexpectedly witnessed a fisherman throw something towards the seal. It must have given the seal quite a scare as he managed to summon up the energy to haul him self back into the water albeit very steadily. He was too weak to swim so he let the tide take him along towards Eccles.

I rang some of our ‘Shore Watchers’ to see if he could be found and quickly. Stefan Ganther from Eccles located him and told us where to find him.

The tide was almost in and we had a 20 to 30 minute window to get him assessed. I know that we couldn’t get there that quickly. A few phone calls later, to see who was where and David from Wild Touch diverted himself over to Eccles and arrived with minutes to spare. He called me back to say that the seal was too poorly to attempt a big team going out to try and rescue him and he needed to be put to sleep urgently.

The tide, as expected, washed the poor soul back out to sea. Alison and I made tracks to Happisburgh to keep the dog walkers away from that direction. After some discussion Stefan knew that, due to the large sand bar in that location, the tide would gently put him back ashore just before the first reef at Sea Palling. I was talking to Bob from the RNLI when Stefan’s second call came to say he had managed to locate him again. Bob kindly helped us with directions as it really is a maze in and around Eccles.

I had been in touch with RSPCA inspectors all afternoon and I knew that they wouldn’t be able to get to us before the light went. Daniel from Marine Wildlife Rescue, who holds a licence, agreed to come and put him to sleep. We had to have a police presence there, whilst the deed was being done, because it was a public place. It all came together very smoothly in the end.

I hope that the fisherman hangs his head in shame for his thoughtless actions this morning. He certainly put that seal through a very unnecessary amount of stress and suffering. He could have been quietly put to sleep this morning when he was first seen.

I truly can’t thank everyone enough for their support and amazing help today. I am also feeling very proud of my ‘shore watching’ team and I thank the Lord that Stefan found the poorly injured seal, not once, but twice. Alison and I are feeling a bit empty and drained now.

However, we also feel very proud of the way that Marine Wildlife Rescue, Wild Touch along with two inspectors from the RSPCA helped us to pull all this together in such a short space of time.