Volunteers required for a room with a view.


Happisburgh Coast Watch are on look out duties 365 days a year, and with a view like this who can blame them.


We are currently looking for volunteers to join our team, volunteers receive full training and then are given a 3 hour slot (summer hours) or a 2 hour slot (winter hours) when they are fully trained.

Our volunteers are the “Eyes on The North Norfolk Coast”, keeping a watchful eye over those who use the waters or beach. Should an incident happen they are then able to summon the appropriate emergency service via the Coast Guard at Humber.

If you would like to have this stunning view as your office window for a couple of hours a week then email volunteering@coastwatchhappisburgh.co.uk or phone Fred on 01692 582961

Volunteer Stories

Louise Brooks, one of the Happisburgh Coast Watch members, who lives in the village and has first hand experience of how vital the service is. Her dog Clyde was rescued by the Happisburgh lifeboat crew last October when he chased into the sea after a flock of seagulls. Mrs Brooks and her husband John wanted to show their appreciation for the help they were given and signed up for Happisburgh Coast Watch, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

Clyde, a six-year-old Italian Spinone, weighing almost seven stone, has now become the Coast Watch team’s mascot and has his own lifejacket. Mrs Brooks said: “If there is no Coast Watch, then we have no-one here to spot anyone in trouble and report for help. It is absolutely vital.”